Finding The Best Dog Boarding Facility

One of the hardest parts of traveling is leaving your dog behind. Fortunately, as long as you can find a good boarding facility, you can rest easy knowing that they are well cared for while you are away. Here are some tips from LV Dog Hotel on finding the best dog boarding facility in your area.

An excellent place to start your search is by talking to other dog owners. If you want to get the inside scoop on boarding providers in your area, a trip to the local dog park can be extremely valuable. While your dog runs and plays with the other dogs at the park, you can talk to the other owners to see if they can recommend a boarding facility. You may be surprised by just how many valuable tips you can pick up using this method. You can also talk to any of your friends or family members who own dogs to see if they have a facility that they have utilized in the past that they would recommend.

Online Help

dog-boarding-happy-customerThe Internet can be another helpful resource when it comes to finding a kennel. A quick online search should bring up some different reviews for boarding facilities in your city. Reading through these reviews can quickly help you pinpoint which providers have the highest ratings.

Make a list of some of the top-rated companies. Then, visit each of their websites to learn more about the services that they provide. This should help you further narrow down the selection to just a few boarding facilities.

Personal Visit

Next, visit each of the remaining facilities on your list in person to see what they are like. The owners should be more than happy to give you a tour. Look for signs that the dogs are well cared for such as a large play area, comfortable bedding, and caring staff.

In the end, these steps should help you find the best dog boarding facility around. This, in turn, can contribute to making it easier to leave your dog while you travel.

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Understanding How Music Booking Agents Work


You will rarely hear about music booking agents because they work in the background. Their goal is to keep the band in front and labor away to find good gigs for them at all times. They want to ensure the band is working as much as possible around the clock. They don’t want the group to be sitting still because that is not going to help at all moving forward. One of the most important things to consider has to be the booking agents and what they do. Here is what they do on a regular basis.

Set Up Deals Between Bands And Clients

As John Powers of Noteble Entertainment ( states, “The main job for a booking agent that is hired would have to be to set up deals. They are the ones who are going to find great gigs in town and make sure the band is booked to play in the spot. Let’s say a rock band has hired a booking agent in the area; they will have the booking agent set up all details regarding where the contract is going to be and when it will be held.”

It is all about having a schedule established by a pro who can find real clients who pay well for each performance.

Promote The Band To Everyone

People need to love the band because once that happens, it becomes an easier sell, and the marketing campaigns succeed. Those who are not selling the group are not doing a good job as a booking agent. The best agents will always be the best salesmen or saleswomen as well. They are the ones who are going to be pushing hardest when it comes to getting the band in front of people. They will want to show what kind of talent these musicians have and what they can bring to the table.

Establish Contracts

Who is going to make the contracts? Contracts are something bands not well-equipped to handle. They want to create music, and that is reasonable. You want the booking agent to deal with this, and that is one of the core responsibilities for a professional. You want to have contracts established right away and done without loopholes which are what a band looks for and expect from the booking agent as soon as they are hired. The contractual side of things should be airtight.

music contracts

The best booking agents do this and more when it comes to their daily work. They are running around and work long hours to make sure clients are satisfied with what is going one. You have to remember, the booking agent is only as good as the gigs he can acquire for the musician(s).

If they are not able to get the right gigs, their career and business are going to falter which is why the bands that are being brought on become important to them. They start to get in tune with what is out there in the genre and how to promote it perfectly.

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Tips On How To Choose A Wedding Venue


When it comes to choosing your Vancouver wedding venue, it can be quite difficult to find the right place for your special day. Getting married is a problem, and you probably want to find a venue that reflects your style as a couple while also having comfortable accommodation for all your guests. So, with that said, we will now look at a few tips to help you find a fantastic venue.

The first tip is that you need to decide on how many guests you will have at your wedding. Knowing the number of guests coming to your wedding is one of the most important factors you need to consider because if you don’t have enough space to have everyone fit comfortably then no one will have a good time. So, make sure that you discuss the guest list with your partner as soon as possible to determine the size of the venue you will need for your wedding.

Once you have an idea of how many guests you will need to accommodate, then you can start looking at different venues. If you are not familiar with types of sites available, then you should look into hiring a wedding planner to help you through this process. All you need to do is describe what kind of wedding you want to have as well as the style of the wedding and the number of guests. A good wedding planner will understand your vision and requirements and should be able to find at least a handful of suitable venues to show you.

Another factor that you will have to consider is transport and distance of the venue. If you have many guests with transport issues, then you might have to factor that in while choosing a site. If you want to have your wedding in a remote location, then you should hire transportation for all your guests.

In closing, when it comes to choosing a venue of marriage it can be a long and tiring process. However, it is one that you shouldn’t try to rush since it can take a time to find an excellent venue and book it. The best wedding venues are often booked up months or even a year in advance, so you should make sure that you start looking at places at least six months to a year before your big day which will ensure that you thoroughly do your research and book the best venue possible so that your wedding day can be perfect.

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Design Trends In Trophies For Music Awards

Design trends in music award trophies are, for the most part, relatively straightforward and uncomplicated for most levels of musical awards. While major iconic awards such as the world famous Grammies may have their own unique designs, most music award trophies are for smaller, more obscure awards, ranging from local competitions to high school orchestras. While these trophies are often manufactured in large numbers, a few design trends have emerged over the years as being conventional designs for trophies of this variety. These designs are quite diverse and yet are unquestionably focused on being trophies for musical competitions rather than a more generic competition.

Naturally musical notes and clef designs remain as popular ever as an easily recognizable symbol of music. This design is an old one, and it has stood the test of time as most people with any cultural learning tend to immediately associate these musical symbols with music. Stars are another favorite design, often combined with easily recognizable music notes. Stars are rather easily associated with high flying success in the minds of most people, perfect for the average music award trophy. Some trophies involve the depiction of a specific musical instrument, ranging from a harp for a generalized musical competition trophy or something more specific such a piano or guitar for more focused competitions.

microphone-award-1005-pMicrophones are another popular symbol of musical accomplishment, particularly for singing competitions such as The Voice. A recent design trend is in the depiction of vintage microphones from an earlier era before modern microphone technology. More generalized cup designs familiar to most people from other types of competition are also fairly popular in music award designs. Wooden plaques are also growing popularity, particularly with engraved reminders of the competition and the names of its winners.

Material-wise, wood is always a fairly popular option for competition who want to add a touch of class to their trophies. However, even low-end wood can be expensive, and less wealth competitions may have to settle for a lower end trophy. However, even a cheap trophy can be visually appealing. One particular trend is to make a trophy out of a seemingly crystalline material, be it faux-crystal or faux-onyx. Other types of crystal awards will take many different colors, such as bright neon green or soft pink shades. Some of these crystal trophies can be shaped like a typical high-quality diamond shape, another clear symbol of success.

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Learn how to relax

relaxingThe world has changed dramatically in the last hundred years and therefore the stress we face have also evolved! In the past the “quantity” of stress that is to say, difficult situations to live as much at work or in your family, was probably even more important than at present: in the 30s, people worked more than 70 hours per week at a breakneck pace without any job security, child mortality was very important and difficult family life … in short, the stressors were therefore certainly more numerous and vital issues than today. Imagine surgery early in the century, with little or no anesthesia; this should not be particularly relaxing but quite traumatic.

Currently we are not facing the same problems, employees mainly complain of frequent changes and the need to adapt to the amount of information and decision making, relationship problems, communication problems since sometimes to harassment on … the family plan, we reach more than 50% of divorces in the New York region and we can not raise our children as it was 50 years ago, which is no worse but also requires a good capacity for change and good tolerance of uncertainty. In summary if the amount of stress was probably more important before, the quality of these is not at all the same.

Stress is often presented as necessary for the performance in business

In stress, we spend a very large amount of energy in emotion, anxiety or irritability that is not used for reasoning and effective action. The performance is very poor in spite of the “impressions” that we can have. In fact, the more we are calm the more we are effective: alertness increases control over thought and action. Precipitation is always the enemy of emergency!

Generally, many studies have shown that productivity increases with calm. According to the International Labour Office, the return on investment of a good stress management program would be 6 to 1. The immediate efficiency is increased, but also medium and long-term productivity is improved, the number of work stops decreases … relaxation is almost and always part of a good stress management program. In summary there is no risk of “overdose” of calm: I am more calm I am more efficient  and my health is more preserved! It’s pretty rare to have a method very positive and no negative effect!

Relaxation, this is not magic. This is in contrast to a phenomenon that is most natural! Animals, know perfectly how to relax,meditate to spend as little energy as possible and to promote the efficiency of repose. Watch a cat for example! Relaxation is a state involving muscle relaxation, and a state of general calm, psychological and physiological. Almost all conventional methods, from the alternating contraction relaxation of Jacobson ,weight sensations techniques and heat  training of Schultz, meditation, relaxation therapy, the use of breathing, etc. are effective if properly followed. It is therefore necessary to have well-adapted methods, correctly implemented by good professionals.Many books out there outline a procedure to better understand and develop their own relaxation program ,almost everyone in these conditions can get a good level of relaxation.

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